DTC4000 Card Printer/Encoder

DTC4000 Card Printer and Encoder ProductYou get reliable, professional quality color ID cards and security encoding--all in one pass. Operation and supply replacement are both intuitive, making extensive training unnecessary.

With an unheard of combination of footprint flexibility, field upgradeability, ease of use, and ease of integration with other HID fargo products, you'll receive maximum value for your asset protection budget from the most trusted names in secure identity solutions.

Key Benefits:

Modular Design: As organizations grow and threats change, those responsible for asset protection need equipment that can easily adapt to evolving needs.

Our DTC4000 card printer is field upgradeable, so it can adapt to changes you need when you need them. Add dual sided printing functionality. Add magnetic stripe encoding. Add HID Proximity encoding (125 kHz), iCLASS contactless encoding (13.56 MHz), or contact chip encoding. Add Ethernet connectivity. Add a high-capacity ID card hopper.

As your organization grows, the DTC4000 can grow with you.

Easy to place, easy to use: With a small footprint, and an optional same-side input/output hopper, its minimum size was designed for maximum flexibility. And with upgradeable functionality and security, simple replacement of cartridge supplies, movable SmartScreenTM graphical display, and an easy, intuitive set up, the DTC4000 was made for organizations that want a higher level of security without the higher levels of capital investment and training time.

Reliable: We back each of our Direct-to-Card Printer/Encoders with a global 1-year warranty. A 7th generation product from Fargo, each printer now works seamlessly with HID readers and other asset protection modules.

Enhanced security: In addition to sophisticated encoding options, the DTC4000 will print a UV layer for an increased level of physical security on the card. The DTC4000 can also be password protected at the printer so only approved operators can print and encode plastic security cards and badges.

DTC4000 Key Features:

Modular design and field upgradeable
Password protection
Rewrite capable
Smart Screen graphical display
Supply replacement-Easy cartridge loading
USB or optional Ethernet connectivity
Optional Dual-side printing
Optional same-side input/output hopper that holds 200 plastic cards
Optional fluorescent printing for additional UV security

The DTC4000 is a plastic card printer that provides all the security of HID with all the reliability of Fargo for sharp, professional looking, high-quality ID cards and photo ID badges - easy and quick.
We designed next generation Direct-to-Card line to become the new go-to standard for ID card printers. Click here and arrange to speak with one of our expert integrators--security specialists that make it all work together.

DTC4000 Specifications:

Sided Printing: Single or Dual
PrintMethod: Dye-sublimation/Resin Thermal Transfer
Resolution: 300dpi
Print Speed: 24 seconds per card/150 cards per hour (YMCKO)
Accepted Card Sizes:
CR-79 Adhesive Back
ENERGY STAR Certified Product: Provides organizations with a high-performance,energy-efficientphotoIDprintingsolutionthatsupportscorporategreeninitiativesandhelpsreducecosts.

As part of its new ENERGY STAR rating, the default time for sleep mode has been lowered from two hours to five   minutes, and printer design enhancements reduce the power consumption when in standby or sleep mode.   Additionally, the ENERGY STAR FARGO DTC4000 is turned on and off using the power button versus plugging in the  power cable.

Printer Options:

Single Wire Ethernet and USB 2.0 interface for in-line printing and encoding (note: single wire Ethernet encoding is only available for iCLASS and contact smart card encoding)

Dual-Sided Printing Module - Upgradeable

Dual-Input Card Hopper (200 cards) - Upgradable

Same-Side Input/Output Card Hopper - Upgradable

Smart Card Encoding (contact/contactless) - Upgradable

Magnetic Stripe Encoding - Upgradable

Printer Cleaning Kit

Ethernet with Internal Print Server - Upgradable

DTC4000 expansions

Dual-sided printing:
Print both sides of an ID card in one pass, in color, and encode it as well. (Dual-sided printing is also a Field Upgrade Option.)

Modular Design:
With its Modular Design, the DTC4000 is field upgradeable, so it can grow as your business grows.

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